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  1. Re: cadeau pour les rocketeur :D

    I have seen this video on a dutch ( sort of IGN) channel on Facebook lmao
  2. Re: Partager les bandes-annonces ici

    Nouveau film avec James Bond!
  3. Re: Logiciels pour enregistrer de la musique, des films ou des séries

    There are a few sites yeah, PopcornTime to watch movies, tv-shows or an app called Showbox. But keep in mind these are for Android users only! They won't work on iOS/Apple.

    Your Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:2001704925
    Banned by Yator for Wallhacking, reported by Nostalgique for Wallhack, and others. Please wait for their reply's. Nostalgique, do you have any demo's from...
  5. Partager les bandes-annonces ici
  6. [Terminé] Re: Re : Re: Unbanned me please

    maybe he's still here :), I don't give up on players that easy.
  7. [Terminé] Re: Unbanned me please

    g0m you have any proof that you're good as you say? we can look into it if u want.
  8. Re: gros abus srx (lisez moi)

    Thread can be closed/locked.
  9. Re: Salut!

    Welcome to the forums!
  10. Re: gros abus srx (lisez moi)

    If u don't like the community, look for a new one please.
  11. Re: presentation trakeur93

  12. Re: Présentation idiotfou

  13. Re: La chouette

  14. Re: Présentation snowL

  15. Re: Présentation Nemo

  16. Re: demande de déban

    cr4ck-Quick thing, Counter strike Source was released in 2003 and from my view it looked like wallhack on my screen. Anyway now I know that you're clear and just a skilled person. Sorry for the ban....
  17. Re: demande de déban

    I lost the demo because my CS:S crashed after I banned him. My pc is bad these days, can't even run Minecraft anymore... I'm getting a new one next week. I'm so unlucky that I lost the demo, you...
  18. Re: demande de déban


    I banned you because it seemed like you were using Wallhack. I lost my demo from you since my CS:S crashed after the ban. I tried to save my demo but my PC is bad, I'm getting a new one next...
  19. Re: Présentation *Kira34/06*

    Bienvenue sur le forum! :yeah:
  20. Re: ze escape

    This would be awesome! Hope it can happen :)
  21. [CS:S - ONLY D2] Re: suggestion for FFA D2

    It's like reviving your teammate like on COD.
  22. Re: Présentation de Fantonex

    Bienveneu sur le forum!
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