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Sujet : Pleading for unmute!

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    March 2019
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    Pleading for unmute!

    As I said before, I apologize for my actions, I believe I got muted for obscene language, and that day I wasn't obscene with anyone,and got muted on day,which KS eventually commuted to permanent mute,and I didne even said nor one offensive word nor curse word. I apologize for inconvenience, but I ask you guys to give me one more chance and unmute me, I won't cause no trouble.
    Thank you in advance, iCommunist.
    PS i want to report AKIO he have WH/No Flash cheat
    2nd i want to tell you no matter what mute was unjustified ,no matter what type of history i have,when people attack me call me names do you honestly think i wont deffend myself?
    Do you remember when i proved you all wrong about abuse and how biased was Cr4ck?You dudes right away banned me and muted me to cover your mistakes.i brought proof on this forum screenshots etc. and u still punished me.
    Now its same with KS,because he muted me on day because "Obscene Language" lets Define Obscene:
    according to Webster dictionary:
    Definition of obscene

    1 : disgusting to the senses : repulsive
    2a : abhorrent to morality or virtue specifically : designed to incite to lust or depravity … the dance often becomes flagrantly obscene and definitely provocative … — Margaret Mead
    b : containing or being language regarded as taboo in polite usage obscene lyrics obscene literature
    c : repulsive by reason of crass disregard of moral or ethical principles an obscene misuse of power
    d : so excessive as to be offensive obscene wealth obscene waste

    so let me quote myself what i said:
    (ALL) ADMIN: tito tops rage
    (ALL) ADMIN: stop *
    *DEAD* iCommunist Tito : rage?

    (ALL) ADMIN: yes rage man

    *DEAD* iCommunist Tito : that not rage its opinion

    (ALL) ADMIN: stop speak for nothing ty

    iCommunist Tito : stop being facist and supressing me i didnt curse nor insult

    [SourceComms++] ADMIN: Issued an extended silence on iCommunist Tito for 1440 minutes (reason: Obscene language).
    What is obscene here?So to cover your admin,you decided to mute me permanently again?
    3rd:When it come to my language we all curse ,go check and even some of ur admins calls players nasty names cursing them and humiliating them,90 percent of players talk bad,and u permanently muted me,but cheaters get ban for week or few days ,spawn campers barrely get any of punishment,i mean people who dont respect your rules.
    1.I never cheated
    2.I never camp spawn
    3.I dont do bunny hops
    4.I respect admins who are fair like Pi You Pi You,Weedmuze,Kenny etc
    5.KS as Cr4ck is holding me on crosshair and purpously targeting me
    6.I was VIP and with my money contributed so that ur server run and be maintained and you treat me like this
    7.You banned me on forum for what?
    8.I just want you to be fair and leave me alone and i will behave
    9.I am not sub human so that you treat me as such because from where i come,thats xenophobic
    10.I hope you before jumping on conclusion you will evaluate all this without hate
    11.For example Netware curse more than me every day,and he can talk i cant
    12.I am not racist,i am communist so i am internationalist,i dont see difference in nationality, color of skin, or religion
    ,i am blind to that type of hate,actually i thought you westerners are more civilized,but no ,your players often attack people that are Russians,Serbs etc its Slavophobia,judgmental, mean toward us from East
    13.I love and your server and your forum and you treat me bad for no reason,i am easy going person and with reasanoble counter part i can make peace easy,its up to y'all
    14.I come to your server to have fun,but i cant have fun if you constantly muting me,banning me,your admins persecute me,your players mock me because from where i come,and how to have fun when you allow sea of cheaters and sea of people who dont respect rules play on server.
    15.Everyone deserve 2nd chance so do I too.

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    July 2015
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    Re : Pleading for unmute!

    Hi i communist i will answer you.

    First of all you have been muted by Ks for 1440 minutes but it's not him who have extented it.

    You want another chance but we already did it this is your 45 mute/gags i thinks we have been very kind with you ?

    4-5) you have to respect every admin even if you don't like him.

    6) you are VIP that good for you but this is a donations and for this donation we are giving you our thanks you and some advantage in the server.

    7) we have banned you from the forum because you arguments too much.

    8) we can't just leave you alone this is our server so you have to respect the rules.

    9) don't treat you has a sub-human (everyone is equal)

    10) We will not evaluate again any more case from you at least for more than 6 months

    11) you can do a complaint on ban.hellz.fr not here

    12) good for you we are not racist nether

    13) we didn't treat you bad you are the one who didn't react correctly after more than 40 mute/gag

    14) i don't see any ban for you (the one last night was not on our side but because of a hacker), you can always do a complaint about that but always with proof if that the case punishment will come.

    15) every one deserve a 2nd chance your right but not 46.

    this will close our conversation.

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