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Sujet : Check the list why i demand to unmute me!

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    March 2019
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    Exclamation Check the list why i demand to unmute me!

    First of all you need to understand that i didnt cheat nor camp spawn nor brake other rules,no matter how many mutes i had its still unfair because there is people with more than 60 mutes and gags and they still succeed to talk.Its ok to protect admins with whome i had issues like KS and Cr4ck,thou i prooved that they werent right and abused their admin powers you punished me,i didnt complain for mutes where i was guilty i complained than when for example admins werent right no matter what,like KS constantly targeting me,or like Cr4ck constantly slaying me because he tought it was fun,and you still protect them ,and they were wrong.
    New things is this ,i changed and i deserve another chance,even some people are putting their heads up for me and trying to talk to KS ,and asking him till when i am muted and when ill be unmuted and this is how he treat them:
    *SPEC* SlasheR : let iCommunist use the chat and if he does something thats not alowed on the server by the rules you can ban me permanently
    Garoh dropped the BOMB!
    TheGhostHU picked up the BOMB.
    Garoh(STEAM_0:0:46817960) disconnected from FR
    *SPEC* SlasheR : ok?
    (ALL) ADMIN: enought or u ' re mute perm OK ?
    Now tell me tht isnt abusing power?
    What my friend did to deserve treat like this?
    Because he is asking when youll unmute me?
    Absurd and monstruous behavior by one who represent whole community of HELLZ.FR
    a lot people complain on KS.
    He already banned Slasher and muted and gaged by him simple asking him why i am muted and when you guys will unmute me.
    List of people who still talk and have more than 46 mutes:
    MAD Super Mario 48 mutes
    Hum You Touch My Tralalaa <3 49 mutes
    coté obscure de la force 50 mutes
    MSN Blaz 85 mutes ?!?!?!?!?!
    Kissperski comme l'antivirus 50 mutes
    HAMAS???? 66mutes
    Chris59 50 mutes
    CLON3XP3RTZ THE WOOLF WARRIOR 102?!?!?!?!?! and you was waiting 102 damn times that you perm.mute him??? wow
    were:CVV 66 mutes
    VroumZ 119 mutes and he still can talk?!?!?! woooow
    imp@ct 59 mutes still talking
    '(*_*)' Wanheda 69 mutes
    and list goes on and on and on so i too deserve to be unmuted ,i demand it or u permanently mute all these players too.
    i was 45 times muted and gagged.so your theory dont hold any water ,get me?
    and if they still can talk and i cant that mean that you have issue with me because i wont let anyone to disrespect me and especially i wont let anyone to treat me like a garbage when i didnt do anything to yall ,i only busted myth about Godly powers of admins whome abuse their powers,like you abusing them now by letting ten players with more mutes and gaggs than me still using chat and i cant,which prove to me that YOU ARE TARGETING ME AND PERSECUTING ME LIKE ITS 1939. again and us "REDS" are not welcomed.Guess what ?Its 2019.
    Is it political?Is it hate from your side?Is it the fact that i tell the TRUTH???
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    March 2019
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    Re : Check the list why i demand to unmute me!

    and yes i do respect admins but i want same respect in return ok?i forgive easily and forget but unjustice i cant stand organically.i even now respect KS,Cr4ck because past is past but i wanna equal rights and not dudes with more mutes/gaggs can talk and insult and things,and i cant and i promised you all i will behave normally no more problems,but you dont care .but dudes with 119 mutes/gaggs can normally talk etc there is much more of them on the list with 45+ mutes/gaggs.And that you didnt close thread i would answer there but you dudes judge without even hearing me,this aint feudalism,i have right on the truth
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    Re : Check the list why i demand to unmute me!

    Tu commences sérieusement à m échauffer à venir pleurnicher à chaque fois, ton ami slasher spam le tchat avec toujours la même question pourquoi il est mute, quand est ce qu' il sera demute etc etc
    Il ne comprend pas comme toi quand on lui dit gentiment, donc oui au bout de moment il faut menacer de mute perm pour qu' il s arrête, stop la cour d' école t' es un grand garçon assume ton mute et quand tu comprendras peut être qu' on reverra cette sanction, mais pour le moment NADA.
    A + dans le bus

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    Re : Check the list why i demand to unmute me!

    K's have say everything and thanks to you for the list we will look at it.

    and I think you didn't read my previous message stop posting we will not unmute you until a least 1 years so if you keep post to cry to unmute you will be ban from de forum too.

    This is big advice stop chasing if you are really a good player then play and if you deserve it you will be unmuted.

    if I see another post you will be ban again.

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