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Sujet : unban

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    October 2019
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    @Grandpa___ I want to talk to someone normal about my undeserved ban. I want to hear from dozeR, weedmuze, kenny7, and other respected admins. And maybe from other good players that spend their time on the server and witch played vs and with me (genro, north, were, snosch, kos, freakz, crack, ez pz...) I never had wh, playing 8 years + gives you the understanding where could enemy's be. I want to see a 10 min. demo of me "wallhacking", when i see that i won't come here and wast mine and everyone's time and energy.

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    June 2015
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    Re : unban

    le post de trop.

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    September 2019
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    Re : unban

    hello to you, I see several post from you, now on the record that we did not receive from you shows well that there is something, now on this demo we clearly see something you have done maybe the error only once and we did fall on it, the admins hellz we voted and we do not forgive the cheat and you must accept our decision and maybe the other players will confirm that you do not cheat but we have the proof in demo I wish you good game yours

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