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Sujet : Unreasonable actions of two admins

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    October 2017
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    Exclamation Unreasonable actions of two admins

    Admin nickname:Jack Rabbit and Sithranduil
    When and on which server: Thursday,October 5th and Friday,October 6th,ONLY D2 server
    What happened:October 6th,your admin Sithranduil gagged me on 10800 minutes because i am calling admins since 10 pm to 1 am ,and there was camping and camping on tspawn,when they saw hellz.fr they knew admin came and they stopped doing it,2nd of all [357] on October 6th, in front of admin Sithrandui said to me,after killing me : erectus gayfag insulting me and admin ignored it and gagged me for abusing call(calling u admin).Last night(October 5th) same player first was cursing whole my family on polish,cause i told him to stop every round camping,after insults i called admin ,Jack Rabbit came he mute him on 30 minutes only,than he started changing his nickname to Erectus gayfag and, I FUCK YOUR MOTHER on polish , i told to Jack he didnt do anything he let him play,and ur admin Jack Rabbit gagged me 1400 minutes without any warrning,and him (357)on 30 minutes only,i am victim here and u dudes punishing me?????? for what ?????? its ludicrous .its not fair to be biased and allow insults on my account,and additionally its not my fault cause players when they see ur nicknames or just hell.fr they stop activities,camping cheats or insults,i was normal player who didn't abuse nor camp nor cursed nor used cheat and cause i was fair player reporting to u whenever i see someone not following rules u punished me.i was gagged few times with reason and i didn't complain this time your admins made huge mistake,punishing me for Oct 5th cause i was victimized whole nigh,and for Oct 6th,cause i was fair player and after warnings players didn't stop camping i call several times admin because we couldn't play because of campers like Invicta and Tic Tac Boum etc.what i was supposed to do?hush because i saw abuse???? its incredible how your admins can get on someones back without any valid reason,first on OCT 5th i was under heavy insults and get one day gagged,on OCT 6th admin Sithranduil came on the end of the map, minute and half before map switched,he saw 357 cursing to me,he didn't even warn him,nor there was time to check for campers and other abuses and he nicely gagged me for whole week????!!!!I beg u to fix this injustice.i am trying to be fair ,i dont like if there is rules and someone brake them,when i make mistake i apologize and accept punishment,but this time it was too much of repression of admins cause i "call to much" or because i am maybe subhuman cause i am from Serbia.That there is all the time one admin problems would be solved on time and no one would call,like this when u ask counterparts to stop abusing camp they dont want ,admin not there,what should i do????
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    January 2017
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    Re : Unreasonable actions of two admins

    Saint Erectus, you are focus by others playing saying insulting you. ans it's not the case.

    When a TSpawn, it's possible but rarely as u knwo me i rush all the time. Exept when i do soma managing after !call or reason about player make some disturb on the server.


    remains polite and everything will go well

    If you will be gag in the future,
    is that there is a reason

    Good play Saint Erectus on our serveur

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    January 2017
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    Re : Unreasonable actions of two admins

    Thx for the complaint, we will see that between us & give to you an answer.

    Topic closed for now
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    “Je parle pas aux cons ça les instruit”

    “si ce que tu as à dire n'est pas plus beau que le silence alors tais toi”

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    Re : Unreasonable actions of two admins

    Il dit quoi ?

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